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Should we cancel the bagging technology?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-08-10
Should we cancel the bagging technology?

For now whether or not to cancel the fruit bagging technology, there are now two voices:

Supporter: the drawbacks of bagging(spunbond non woven bagging factory) are increasing

1. No bagging has become the mainstream in the world

Bagging technology originated in Japan. Due to the local climatic characteristics, and most of the pesticides with high toxicity, high residue and poor environmental protection, it is easy to stimulate the surface of the fruit to produce spots, fruit rust and pesticide residues exceeding the standard, resulting in low quality of fruit, which can not meet the needs of the international market.

In order to improve the quality of fruit, increase the fruit rate of the products, and adapt to the export of fruit, Japan began to use fruit bagging technology in the 1960s.

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However, Japan is now beginning to cancel bagging(nonwoven bagging on sales). Countries with developed fruit production in foreign countries, such as the United States, it is understood that apples in Washington, USA are not bagged because they believe that the exposure of fruits to normal light is a must in the process of fruit growth and development. stage!

In addition, Poland, New Zealand, Italy and other countries have also begun to produce fruit without bags. The apples in these countries are of high quality, with an excellent fruit rate of over 80%, occupying the international high-end market.

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2. The drawbacks of bagging are more and more

With the changes of the times, under the background of the aging of agricultural employees and the increasing circulation of land to large-scale farmers, the defects of fruit bagging(non woven fruit bag company) technology have become increasingly prominent, mainly as follows:

Fruit farmers work heavy, labor efficiency is low; bagging costs are high, fruit farmers are overwhelmed; bagging fruit taste, quality is reduced; fruit is not resistant to storage and transportation, environmental pollution is serious; improper selection of bag materials may lead to the migration of harmful substances.

During the inspection of some orchards, the inspection and quarantine department found that the material of the fruit bag was almost all made from recycled plastic film or discarded color printing bags.