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SMS Production Process-"one-step"

  • Release on:2020-02-28
Now, what is the "one-step"process for manufacturing SMS products(Blue SMS Nonwovens On Sales) (SMS non-woven fabrics), let's take alook below.

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The one-step process is characterized bythe use of raw material slicing, and the two processes of spunbond and meltblown(SMS Non Woven Fabric Roll Manufacturer) are used to directly melt the raw material and spin it into a web. Aslong as the spinning system engineering of different processes is properlyarranged, the product can Different structures, after laminating and laminating each layer of web, are generally consolidated into a cloth by a hot rollingmill. The "one-step method" is characterized in that the melt isdirectly spun into a web, and the state of each spinning system can beindependently adjusted. The production process is highly controllable, the sanitary conditions are good, the running speed is high, and the proportion of eachlayer of the web can be adjusted at will. It can produce SMS products(Protective Cloth SMS Nonwovens Factory) of various specifications, which is the mainstream technology of today.