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Non-woven Shoe Cover Introduced

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Non-woven Shoe Cover Introduced

2017-09-11 10:23:04
Non-woven shoe cover introduced

Product name:Disposable non-woven shoe cover

Product material: use high-quality non-woven materials.

Product description;
Simple home factory dustproof configuration. Applicable to the purification plant, precision electronics factory, pharmaceutical factory, hospital equipment factory, reception room, family, etc., used to isolate the human body shoes on the production environment pollution. Also applies to the family cleaning, save the door to change the shoes of the trouble, and take off the embarrassment, can be directly put on a one-time use, you can also re-use!

A) to solve the guests need to take off shoes for shoes, guests need to go every time to clean; slippers, mats, floor of the tired!
B) to prevent the private slippers into a public slippers, to eliminate the slippers to bring the athlete's foot cross-infection transmission of hidden dangers!
C) to reduce the dry cleaning of the troubles, you can effectively keep the indoor clean!
D) to improve the shoes at the Department issued a variety of unpleasant smell, pollution of the indoor environment
E) to avoid the friends and family when the door due to socks damaged or foot odor to bring the constraints and embarrassment
F) to eliminate the need for off-site visitors to take off shoes for too much stress, but do not understand the owner's troubles!
G) put an end to the large number of visitors, slippers enough, changing shoes trouble!

Non-woven shoe cover has many advantages:
1) Ventilation
2) Filterability
3) Insulation
4) Water absorption
5) Waterproof
6) Scalability
7) Not disheveled
8) Feel good, soft
9) Light
10) Elastic, can be restored
11) There is no direction of cloth
12) Compared with the textile production of high productivity, production speed
13) Low prices, can be mass production and so on.
14) Size fixed, not easy to deformation

The downside is:
1) Poor strength and durability compared to textile fabrics
2) Can not be cleaned like other fabrics
3) Fibers arranged in a certain direction, so easy to split from the right angle and so on. Therefore, the improvement of the production method has been mainly focused on preventing the improvement of the division.