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Non-woven Fabrics in the Construction of Waterproof Coatings for Buildings

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-02-28
In domestic waterproof buildings, it isoften possible to use small things that are inconspicuous - non-woven.

Why use non-woven fabrics? What is the nonwoven for? Today, let's take a look at this seemingly insignificant gadget.

The non-woven fabric has the effect of enhancing tearing and stretching cracks.

How to resist tension cracks? To give avery simple example, when we decorate, when there are fine cracks in the wall,the paint master can tell us that it can be solved by hanging the net. This netis made of fiber glass mesh, with tensile shrinkage concrete, with children.Bored to bring.

Similarly, the non-woven fabric(China Polyester Felt Sheet Vendor) used in the waterproof construction process is also used to enhance and enhance the tensile properties of the coating to form a waterproof coating that does not leak.

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Why is there a crack in the concrete?

The basic role of non-woven fabrics(PET Non Woven Felt On Sales) in waterproof construction is clear. Under the spirit of breaking the spirit of casseroles, we will talk about why concrete cracks.

Where does the crack come from? We know that when the house was built. In order to prevent cracking of concrete, steelbars are added to resist the strong pulling force caused by concrete shrinkage. However, the steel does not completely off set the tension of the concrete, soit will still crack (concrete cracking is normal, because concrete should work with the crack, there are many reasons for concrete cracking, I will not go tothe details please click here.

"One cloth and three coats"technology

The concrete will rupture, and there are many small holes in the middle of the concrete. The water will follow these holes and cracks and leak, so there is "water is pervasive."

In order to make the waterproof coating better able to resist the invasion of water, the smart waterproof personinvented the waterproof coating, and in order to better exert the tensile cracking resistance of the waterproof coating, the non-woven fabric was addedas a reinforcing agent. Therefore, we have a common process of “one cloth and three coatings” and “two cloths and five coatings”.

The original non-woven fabric(Highway Maintenance Nonwovens Company) has such abig effect! Have you seen anything?