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Non-woven Fabric Capable of Filtering PM 2.5

  • Release on:2020-02-10
Now, the familiar anti-haze masks are alsomade of non-woven fabrics(Medical Face Mask On Sales). This is also because it takes advantage of it sstrong filtering performance. Therefore, it was considered to be produced. The pollution caused by PM2.5 is also annoying, but by using it, what we can know is that it canfilter PM2.5, where is it embodied?

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1. Add some filter material to the non-woven fabric(Disposable Face Mask Company), and then add the magnetized dielectric.

2. The filter material is placed under a high-voltage electrostatic field. The high-voltage electrostatic field is generally a negative voltage, which generates the surface of the fiber layer of the non-woven fabric(3Ply Face Mask Factory). The surface of the fiber layer forms an alignment direction.

3. Non-woven fabrics also rely one lectrostatic effects to adsorb and capture fine dust particles. Of course, ithas the trapping effect of ordinary filter materials. So it can better block PM2.5.

Non-woven fabrics do not need silk threads because they are not woven from threads. According to its structure, it canfilter a lot of dust and other substances. From the above introduction, it canfilter PM2.5. Use this to make a mask.