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Medical non woven products have covered the medical industry

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-07-13
Non-woven fabrics are widely used in the medical industry. Non-woven fabrics have obvious control effects on surgical infections, such as surgical drape, surgical films, surgical gowns, masks, hats, gloves, etc., all of which are non-woven products.

The coverage of non-woven fabrics(medical non woven products supplier) in disposable operating room consumables is huge.

According to the statistics:

North American market: The market penetration rate of disposable medical non-woven fabrics in 2010 was 87% (the market penetration rate of single-use shoppers has reached 90-95%, disposable surgical clothing.

Up to 80%), it is expected that disposable surgical products(medical non woven products factory) will reach 93% in 2014;

European market: The average market penetration of disposable medical nonwovens in 2010 was 68%, and is expected to reach 76% in 2014.
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The main factors driving disposable medical nonwovens:

Increasing attention to nosocomial infections: Repetitive use of non-woven fabrics is likely to cause the formation of microscopic and microbial penetration, which is an important cause of postoperative inflammation, granuloma, infection and adhesion;
China Medical Non Woven Wholesale, Medical Non Woven Products Manufacturer, Medical Non Woven Vendor
European EN13795 and US AAMI PB70 regulations: These regulations refer to protective performance to a very high level and serve as an important basis for operating room consumables;

Product price comparison: In terms of price, each piece of cotton has a depreciation fee and a cleaning fee. In comparison, each piece of disposable non-woven fabric(medical non woven on sales) has a cost.

Prevent cross-infection during surgery and protect the health of patients and medical staff. Please use disposable medical non-woven fabrics.