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Large gaps in masks, larger gaps in meltblown nonwovens

  • Release on:2020-02-24
Meltblown non-woven fabric is called the"heart" of medical surgical masks and N95 masks in the industry. Itis a filter layer in the middle of masks. It has good filterability, shielding,heat insulation and oil absorption. It is an important raw material for the production of masks. The production of masks requires the use of meltblown nonwovens. The gap in the mask is huge, so the gap in the meltblown nonwoven will also be larger!

According to the statistics of China Industrial Textile Industry Association, the production technology of China's nonwovens industry is mainly spunbond. In 2018, the output of spunbond nonwovens was 2.971 million tons, accounting for 50% of the total output ofnonwovens. It is mainly used in sanitary materials and other fields; however,there are not many manufacturers of meltblown nonwovens. The process accounted for only 0.9%, and the domestic output of meltblown nonwovens was 53,500 tons /year. These meltblown fabrics(Mask Filter Material Wholesale) were used not only for masks, but also for environmental protection materials, clothing materials, battery separator materials, and wiping materials.

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According to the latest data, the national meltblown nonwovens(Meltblown Fabric Company) production is less than 100,000 tons per year. Meltblown non-woven fabric(Materials For Face Mask Vendor) is called the "heart" of medical surgical masks andN95 masks in the industry. It is a filter layer in the middle of masks. A maskonly needs a few grams of meltblown, and adding a meltblown production line usually takes one year.

Under the epidemic situation, the demand for masks increased significantly. According to the data of the Fourth National Economic Census, the total employment of domestic legal entities and self-employed households is as high as 533 million. Based on one mask perperson per day, at least 533 million masks are required per day. According todata from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in February thisyear, the maximum daily production capacity of domestic masks is 20 million.The gap in masks is huge, and many companies have begun to produce masks acrossborders. According to the data of Tian's Eye Examination, based on the changesin industrial and commercial registration information, from January 1 to February 7, 2020, more than 3,000 companies across the country have added"masks, protective clothing, disinfectants, thermometers, medical equipment Equipment "and other services. The production of masks requiresthe use of meltblown nonwovens. The gap in the mask is huge, so the gap in the meltblown nonwoven will also be larger!

Under such circumstances, the country has launched a number of source companies to start production and increase production capacity. However, at present, it seems that it is not optimistic inthe face of the textile platform and the circle of textile people seeking melt-blown nonwovens. China's production speed is facing unprecedented challenges in this pneumonia! But I believe that in the face of improving conditions, I believe that everything will be okay.