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How to use non-woven fabrics in flowers?

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How to use non-woven fabrics in flowers?

2017-10-24 15:27:45
With the rapid development of China's flower production, flower modern factory production is the current and future development of the direction of the greenhouse, plastic greenhouses is an indispensable factory production facilities. Greenhouse high cost, large investment; plastic greenhouses simple facilities, less investment, easy to draw, easy to build. Non-woven fabrics can be made in the plastic greenhouse two insulation screens, can improve the shed temperature, light, humidity and other ecological environment, as long as the master and understand the environmental characteristics of the greenhouse to take appropriate control measures, will be able to outside the natural conditions of discomfort In the flower production season, artificially create conducive to the fertility of flowers and ecological environment, to maximize the conditions to meet the growth and development of flowers, so as to achieve high quality and high yield of flowers. Xiaobian to introduce the following non-woven applications.
1, light. Improve the lighting conditions in the shed, mainly through improved lighting conditions and artificial fill light to carry out. In the premise of favorable insulation, cold cover, as soon as possible to expose the late cover, to extend the light time. This is particularly important for positive and long daylight flowers such as rose, carnation, gypsophila, gladiolus and so on.
2, temperature. The flowers must be cultivated in a good growing environment, so its ambient temperature is important. The temperature of day and night in the open field is large, and the temperature difference between the greenhouse is small, which is their difference.
Greenhouse temperature control mainly through ventilation and heating to carry out. Winter in order to minimize the loss of heat, improve the temperature and soil temperature, greenhouse plastic film to try to cover the strict. Shed and then covered with non-woven, with the geothermal line to improve the soil temperature, coal stove to raise the temperature inside the shed.

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