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How to adjust the strength and feel of non woven fabrics

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  • Release on:2018-06-21
A non-woven fabric is a fabric made of oriented or random fibers that does not require a textile gauze. It is not knitted together by a single piece of yarn. The second is that the textile fibers are either oriented or randomly arranged and then passed through. A series of cloths reinforced with non-woven fabrics. Non-woven fabrics(China PP non woven fabric factory) have changed the original textile theory, and they have been widely used because of their many characteristics, such as their origins, wide use, low cost, high production value, high production speed, and short process flow.
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Because the non-woven fabric is also produced from polypropylene, it is brittle after it is too hard, the pulling force is very bad, and it is very simple to show cracking.

Most manufacturers like to use hard materials. Many non-woven fabric manufacturers use this to cut corners. Because the fabrics are hard and the weight of the same fabric must be thicker.

Hard material is the most common method for non-woven fabrics manufacturers(PP non woven fabric company), because the fabric is soft after the feel is relatively thin, soft material feels very soft and close to the actual knitted fabric, the fabric's toughness and strong tensile strength is not easy to tear.

The material with a higher temperature will be harder, and the material with a lower temperature will be softer. The softness of the non-woven fabrics(spun bonded non woven fabric factory) is achieved by manipulating the temperature during the production process.

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