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How many kinds of flame retardant non-woven fabrics do you know?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-11-28
Flame retardant non-woven for flame retardant power cables, flame retardant rubber cables, flame retardant marine cables, flame retardant high temperature silicone rubber cables and other flame retardant package. Non-woven flame-retardant materials for environmental protection, low smoke density when burning.

Flame-retardant non-woven fabric can be divided into three categories according to the material: non-woven polyester flame-retardant, non-woven polypropylene and flame-retardant viscose non-woven fabric.

First, the main component of polyester flame-retardant non-woven fabric is polyester, polyester fiber is a chemical fiber, terephthalic acid or polyethylene terephthalate and ethylene glycol polymerization products. Features: High strength, good elasticity, good heat resistance, smooth surface, good wear resistance, good light resistance, corrosion resistance, poor dyeing.

Second, polypropylene fiber is made of propylene as raw materials of synthetic fibers. Features: high strength, good wet strength and dry strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

Third, viscose fiber is regenerated cellulose fiber. Features good hygroscopicity, breaking strength than cotton, environmental protection, non-toxic.

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