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How do bagging apples go to the bag?

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How do bagging apples go to the bag?

2018-08-29 14:20:33
How do bagging apples go to the bag?

Bagging cultivation of apples is an important measure to improve the quality of fruits and produce pollution-free “green fruits”(fruit protection bag on sales). In recent years, some fruit farmers have found that the understanding of bag removal technology is not deep enough, and the operation rate is not appropriate, resulting in a decline in the commodity rate. .

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Here is a brief introduction to the bag removal technique:

First, the bag time

Except for the bag too early, the coloration is poor and there is discoloration. If the bag is too late, the coloring time is not enough, the background color is yellow and the color is slow. After nearly four years of observation, the best time to go to the bag in the north of Gaobei It is September 20-25, and it is appropriate for 9-11 hours in the day and 3-6 hours in the afternoon. Do not go to the bag when the sun is strong.

China Spunbond Non Woven Bag Manufacturer, Fruit Non Woven Bag Vendor, Fruit Protection Bag Wholesale

Second, the bag removal method

Untie the outer bag and then remove or pull out the outer bag to leave the inner bag. After ensuring that there are three sunny days. Then go inside the bag(China spunbond non woven bag factory) to make it fully colored. Be careful not to remove all the inner and outer bags at once.

Third, after the bag management

1 On the day of removal of the inner bag(fruit non woven bag company). The fruit can be treated (sprayed) with 4% of the bio-pesticide 600% of the agricultural anti-120 to protect the fruit surface and prevent the invasion of the bacteria.

2 picking the leaves and turning the fruit, generally remove the fruit leaves while removing the inner bag. The fruit color rate was the highest within 5 days after the bag was removed. After 5 days, the fruit can be turned, and the uncolored surface is turned to the smooth surface to be sufficiently colored.

3 stages of harvesting and sales, bagging red Fuji general coloring period of 15-20 days, according to the requirements of merchants, timely color and price, in stages and harvested sales.