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Have you seen a non-woven coffee packing bag?

  • Release on:2020-11-27
As we all know, Starbucks has always been a practitioner of environmentalism. From coffee cups to packaging bags, and even straws, everything around it is doing its best to protect the environment.

No, I felt thirsty when I was walking with my friend today. I happened to see Starbucks, so I went in and ordered a cup of coffee. You know when you saw the waiter hand over the packed coffee, How shocked are we? Who can believe that the raw material of this sexy mesh non-woven bag is non-woven?

Non-woven fabrics are widely used in the furniture industry, automobile industry, agriculture, etc. everywhere. A simple piece of non-woven fabric, after an ingenious design, can actually become a takeaway package

Divine tool, I really have to admire the wisdom of the masses. There are more brain-opening applications for non-woven fabrics, waiting for you to discover!