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Global non woven production status

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-12-19
Global non woven production status

Global non woven production is mainly concentrated in the United States, accounting for 41% of the world total,Western Europe accounting for 30%, Japan accounting for 8%, China for 3.5%, andother regions for 17.5%.

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According to the China Textile News, inrecent years, the nonwovens industry in Asian countries has experienced tremendous development. The production of non woven fabrics in eight major non woven fabric(China Polypropylene Non Woven Manufacturer) producing countries (regions) in China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan Province of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines increased from 856,000 tons in 1997 to 1 million tons in 2002. Above, the proportion ofthe total global non-woven fabric production has increased from 20% in 1997 to 25%, and is expected to rise further to 35% by 2007. Despite this, there isstill a huge gap in demand for non woven fabrics(PP Spun-Bond Non Woven Fabric Factory) in developing countries. At present, the non woven fabric industry has been regarded by the relevant experts as the sunrise industry in the 21st century. The development of the industry is rapid. The non-woven fabrics in Asia have reached an annual outputof 900,000 tons in 2000, especially in Asia. In China, the output of China's nonwoven fabric industry has grown at an average annual rate of more than 15% inthe past five years, and its total output is now the highest in Asia.

In addition, according to the US Nonwovens Association (INDA) forecast in 2003/2004, global non woven fabric(Polypropylene Spun Bonded Non Woven Supplier) production will continue to grow, and in 2006 this production will expand to more than5.63 million tons. Among them, the annual growth rate of non woven fabrics in North America, Europe and China by the end of 2006 was 6.2%; the Asia-Pacificregion may grow at an annual rate of 10.7%. The annual growth rate of the worldis expected to reach 7.6%. According to this growth rate, the world still needsto invest about 4 billion US dollars, of which the proportion of investment inmelt-spun nonwovens will reach 2.1 billion US dollars, accounting for more thanhalf of the total investment. It is estimated that the current growth rate ofairlaid law is the highest from now to 2006, reaching more than 15%; followedby the spunbond method, which has a growth rate of 9%; the growth rate of carding and wet methods has decreased, respectively 6.2 % and 4.6%.