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Friction characteristics of non-woven wipes

  • Release on:2021-03-03
Industrial wet wipes(Nonwoven Wipes Supplier) are used for cleaning purposes. Cleaning involves friction, so it is important to understand how much friction you will encounter during the cleaning action. In this study, the effects of normal load and sliding speed on the friction characteristics of non-woven fabrics(Hygiene Wipes Manufacturer) and woven wipes (dried and wetted with different liquids) on the surface of glass and floor tiles have been reported. As the normal load increases, the friction coefficients of non-woven fabrics and woven wipes continue to decrease, and this trend is observed in both dry wipes and wet wipes. The coefficient of friction of both non-woven wipes and woven wipes on the glass surface is generally higher than that of the floor tile surface. Compared with dry samples, the coefficient of friction of wipes(Cleaning Wipes Factory) moistened with water increases, but when the rag sample is moistened with vegetable oil, the coefficient of friction decreases. In the case of dry wipes, the coefficient of friction of non-woven wipes is higher than that of woven wipes. For woven wipes, the range of friction coefficient due to liquid type, normal load or changes in sliding speed is usually smaller than that of non-woven fabrics.

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