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Do you want to produce face mask with special pattern fabric?

  • Release on:2022-02-02

Now the medical face masks are as a daily necessary product for people’s life since the covid-19 broke out.

Most of the regular 3 ply plain mask(China mask material factory) is with white/light blue/light green color nonwoven fabric as the outer layer.

It is so common and without the features.

If you want to produce special face mask with more beautiful color and patterns, now we can offer more than 15 kinds different patters for the outer layer fabric(ss non woven fabric factory) .

MOQ is 1 ton for one color of each kind pattern.

More than 30 colors for you choose and the color can be customized, too.

If you choose our new pattern nonwoven fabric(nonwoven sss wholesale) for the disposable face mask, it can catch people’s eyes and bring more orders for your business.

For more information about the fabric for mask, please inquiry us.