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Do you use the disposable panty in the menstrual period?

  • Author:GUIDE textile.
  • Source:GUIDE textile.
  • Release on:2022-03-04
When women are in the menstrual period, sometimes it is difficult to wash the tights every time. There is a bit of excrement on the tights and hard to wash.

Now disposable non-woven tights (China Disposable Panties Panties Supplier) It's a good choice for you.

It is usually made of PP Spunbond or Spunlace fabric.
The advantages are breathable, ecological, non-toxic, soft, comfortable, clean, convenient.
We have more than 30 different colors of PP Spunbond Tessy to choose from. The color and dimensions can be customized.

PP Spunbond Panty (Maternity disposable panties on sales) It is a lower cost than spunish panties.
When you are at the menstrual period, you can wear a piece a day and throw it out.
The fabric will be decomposed to dust in about 12 months.

With the exception of the menstrual period, it is also possible to wear the disposable litter during the journey, the hotel, the sauna, the beauty salon, the spa.
It is very convenient for your life.

If you are interested in it (Disposable panties distributor), Please contact us.