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Do you know what non woven fabrics can be used for protective clothing?

  • Release on:2020-05-01
Medical protective clothing, also known asmedical protective clothing, is the work clothes of medical personnel, that is,protective clothing for medical workers. Mainly used to isolate germs, harmfulultrafine dust, acid solution, salt solution, corrosive chemicals, and keep theenvironment clean.

Characteristics and uses of medical protective clothing

(1) Ordinary PP non-woven protective clothing(SMS Non Woven Fabric Wholesale)

It is made of PP spunbond non-woven fabric.Its characteristics are: breathable, dustproof, non-waterproof, good tensilestrength, and the difference between the front and back is not obvious. PP spunbond non-woven fabrics are used in ordinary isolation suits, low-grade isolation suits, and patient suits.

(2) Film-coated non-woven protective clothing(SMS Non-woven Roll Vendor)

The fabric is a film-coated non-woven fabric, which is characterized by good air-proof, waterproof and bacteria-proof effect, with obvious distinction between the front and the back. The side of the body contact is non-woven fabric, which is non-allergenic and feels good.There is a layer of plastic film on the outside to prevent liquid leakage. Itis used in places where there are pollution and viruses. The main use ofhospital infectious wards is film-coated non-woven protective clothing.

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(3) SMS non-woven protective clothing(China SMS Nonwovens On Sales)

Three-layer composite non-woven fabric,with a waterproof and bacteria-repellent layer in the middle, and the outerlayer is a sesame-dot SMS non-woven fabric, strong and tensile, with isolation waterproof and breathable function. SMS non-woven fabric is used in surgical clothes, surgical hole towels, isolation clothes, test clothes, operationclothes, non-surgical masks, and clothes for visitors.

(4) Breathable film non-woven protective clothing

It is made of PP polypropylene and covered with PE breathable film, so it has strong breathability, betteranti-permeability, and has high impact resistance while resisting variousorganic solvents, acid and alkali corrosion. The mechanical properties arestrong and the texture is soft and comfortable. It is non-combustible,non-toxic, non-irritating and harmless to the skin. Bacteria-proof, waterproof,micro-breathable, soft texture, is the most advanced medical protective clothing for medical protection. Its characteristic is that the body's sweat can beradiated outwards, but the harmful gases and moisture outside cannot beinvaded. In addition, breathable membrane non-woven fabrics are also used insurgical clothes, surgical hole towels and isolation clothes.