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Do you know what kind of filter nonwovens are there?

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Do you know what kind of filter nonwovens are there?

2018-08-15 15:07:52
Do you know what kind of filter nonwovensare there?

In the industry, there are many common non woven fabrics. Filtration of non-woven fabrics is a common one. It is characterized by good filterability and strong absorption. In fact, it can bedivided into many types. What about the class? The following is the relevantin troduction:

1. Cotton filter cloth: It mainly uses the swelling property of cotton fiber and is suitable for collecting dust.

2. Polyester filter cloth: high strength,excellent wear resistance(filtration nonwoven factory), less elongation, good acid resistance, soluble inhigh temperature and strong alkali liquor, hydrolysis and brittleness under special conditions, dry heat resistance, good shape retention.

3. Nylon filter non-woven fabric: high strength, excellent wear resistance, smooth surface, excellent peeling performance of filter residue and good alkali resistance.

4, polypropylene filter cloth: light weight and easy to handle, acid and alkali resistance are good.

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5, Weilun filter cloth: good alkali resistance, shrinkage when wet, especially when heated.

6. Acrylic filter cloth: It has excellent chemical resistance, and its main purpose is dust collection for corrosive gases.

7. Aramid filter cloth: high strength, good heat resistance, excellent chemical resistance, mildew resistance(polyester non woven fabric vendor), good radiation resistance and flame retardant.

8. Fluorinated fiber filter non-woven fabric: corrosion resistance, good thermal stability, low electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation, good flamere tardancy, and low friction factor in synthetic fibers.

9. Carbon fiber filter cloth: high modulus of elasticity, low density, high tensile strength, good corrosion resistance,good dimensional stability and excellent electrical conductivity.

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10. Glass fiber filter cloth: high tensile strength, low elongation, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability,good electrical insulation, good corrosion resistance, low torsional strengthand shear strength compared with other fibers.

11, partial chlorine filter non-woven fabric: has high wear resistance, anti-mildew and anti-corrosion, does notabsorb moisture, does not swell in water.

12, Victorian filter cloth: wear resistance, rebound and antistatic properties are good and flame retardant(spunbonded non woven fabric wholesale).

Different types of filter nonwovens have different uses. Of course, the range of suitability is not the same, but their filtration properties are very good, so it is widely used.