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Do you know what disposable medical products are made of medical nonwoven fabrics?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-09-28
The surface coating cloth of baby diaper is quantitative 15g/m2-25g/m2, and the raw material is polypropylene fiber and ES fiber, which is made by hot rolling, hot air or spinning process.

The bed sheets and pillow cases, travel car seat cover pillow towel and other raw materials, mainly to polyester, viscose, chemical bonding or hydroentanglement, and the printing and dyeing processing.

Mask products, single meltblown nonwovens, quantitative 160g/m2, molding; spunlaid / meltblown / spunlaid method (or foam impregnation) multilayer, quantitative 40g/m2-60g/m2, ultrasonic bonding process.

Protective clothing, clothing disinfection and isolation, consisting of a robe, hat, shoes and masks, key parts made of composite materials, such as spinning web forming fabrics and composite film, also can use spunlace, polyethylene and
SMS flash spinning web forming nonwoven fabric.

Wet towel and cotton ball, raw material is cotton or viscose fiber, adopt spunlace process. Wound dressings, viscose and polyester fibers, mixed with spunlace process.The medical adhesive tape is made of cellulose fiber, which is bonded with chemical adhesive.

The bandage can be made of spunlace and spun nonwoven fabrics and their composites. Dressings, bandages, raw materials, synthetic fiber, cross mesh, spunlace or heat bond reinforcement, quantitative 70g/m2 or so.