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Do you know what characteristics of napkins?

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  • Release on:2018-09-18
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Paper products are essential consumer goods for people's lives. Today, paper products(banquet non woven napkin wholesale) are no longer a simple application, but a new advertising carrier that promotes corporate image and shapes corporate brands. Promotional/advertising gifts have become an indispensable part of modern corporate marketing planning. It can print brand image and product image directly on paper packaging or paper products, so that customers or target consumers can see at the same time. The exposure to corporate image has greatly enhanced the effectiveness of publicity.

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A good gift permeates the culture of the company, showing the charm of the brand and conveying the sentiment of the gift. For your choice of promotional(airlaid non woven on sales) / advertising gifts to provide better positioning, more styles, better quality, affordable prices, is our aim to serve our customers.

China Hotel Napkin On Sales, Dining Decoration Placemat Factory, Paper Napkin Manufacturer


1, high temperature disinfection, safety and health.

2, the paper(lunch airlaid napkins on sales) is white and delicate, flexible, strong in water absorption and good in water solubility.

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