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Do you know the nonwoven bags can be used for fruits?

  • Release on:2022-02-22

The traditional fruits bags are made of paper or PE material.

Now many farmers also uses the nonwoven bags (nonwoven bag wholesaler)for the fruits growing.

The principle for fruit bags is to put the fruits in a bag and keep it till the fruits maturation.The bag can keep a relatively stable temperature, humidity and light for the fruits. And it can avoid the direct interference of external sunlight, temperature, rain, wind, bad gas, diseases and insect pests. So the nonwoven fruit bags can create a good fruit growth and development microenvironment.

The advantages for (China nonwoven fruit bag on sales) are as below:

1. Protect fruits from direct sunlight and birds;

2. With wet force that can withstand wind and rain;

3. Reduce growth times effectively and significantly increase production;

4. No agricultural product or other chemicals have been sprayed on this bag, environmental protection and no pollution;

5. It can have anti-UV function (1% -5%), anti-bacteria, anti-static, flame retardant as request;

6. Lightweight, save material, can be used recycled.

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