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Correctly Distinguish Make-up Cotton

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-08-11
Cotton in accordance with the material is divided into two categories of cotton and non-woven fabrics

1, absorbent cotton: a thick, soft touch, used to apply lotion when the amount of need to use more, but there is the phenomenon of desquamation, water absorption is weak, but wins in the texture of gentle, suitable for gentle wipe Horny and deposited surface

2, non-woven cotton: contrast thin, feel thick, but strong water absorption.

Make-up cotton in accordance with the form is divided into side pressure side, no pressure side, all-inclusive three

1, the side of the blanket cotton: apply to make-up water and thin texture of the emulsion. The edge design behind moisture from deepening, ensuring that every drop of skin care ingredients is absorbed by the skin.

2, no pressure side of the cotton: more suitable for simple mask, and the thickness of the general 4-5mm, thick material can be easily made of cotton peeled into a thinner form, to ensure that moisture is absorbed by the skin at the Same time will not overflow.

3, all-inclusive cotton pad: both the edge of the convenience, but also to retain the thickness of non-pressure side of the cotton pad, but the outer tissue of the paper is particularly high technical requirements, to ensure that no lint, wrinkled caixing