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Comparison of Cotton Disposable Facial Towels vs Cotton Soft Towels Mixed with Rubber

  • Release on:2021-12-14
Recently, some face towels(China disposable travel towel manufacturer) made of mesh dots and mesh materials are very hot. But, do you know how bad it is that the face towel with mesh, mesh or dots is made of glue?

First of all, let's take a look at why there is a wash towel material mixed with glue. People used to use towels to wash their faces. The towels are thick and have high friction. Everyone is used to that feeling. Now I don’t like fabrics that are too thin, too small, too soft and smooth, and easy to break when wet. Therefore, many manufacturers have come up with a way to add viscose, which can make the washcloth very thick and not easy to break. Basically, it is hard to tear through hard tearing. The cotton content is very low, so the size can also
be made large. For female consumers, it can be said to be suitable for female consumers, but in fact this is a cognitive misunderstanding.

Real cotton face towels(disposable face mask on sales) have several characteristics:
1. It is easy to break. Pure cotton is made of a soft cotton ball. If the cotton is soaked in water and rubbed, it must be easy to break.
2. The cost is high, so pure cotton face towels are generally smaller in size and thinner. The cost of blending is only about one-third of that of pure cotton.
3. Pure cotton is too soft to be made into patterns such as mesh dots and meshes. It can only be made after mixing with glue. Pure cotton is mainly plain weave.

Many people will ask whether the glue is harmful to the skin. After all, too many big brands are selling this kind of mesh dots or mesh materials. Online searches are everywhere. What kind of beauty salons are used for special use? The large volume is very cheap. Do you think that it’s okay for beauty salons to be exclusive? Basically, beauty salons pick the cheapest purchases.

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