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Characteristics of Agricultural Polyester Needle-punched Nonwoven Fabric

  • Release on:2019-09-12
The previous Xiaobian introduced to youthat the polyester needle-punched nonwoven fabric(Agricultural Fabric Manufacturer) can be used in theagricultural field. What characteristics does the product have in the agriculturalfield? What role can it play?

Agricultural Fabric Manufacturer, Non Woven Mulch Wholesale, Agricultural Covering Nonwovens CompanyAgricultural Fabric Manufacturer, Non Woven Mulch Wholesale, Agricultural Covering Nonwovens Company

Polyester needle punched non-woven fabricis(Non Woven Mulch Wholesale) a new type of covering material with good air permeability, moistureabsorption and light transmission. It has the functions of keeping warm,preventing frost and preventing sun exposure. Light weight, corrosionresistance, long life (4-5 years), easy to use and store. Polyester needle-punched non-woven fabric(Agricultural Covering Nonwovens Company) can coordinate crop growth microclimate,especially in winter open field or greenhouse seedling and the relationshipbetween temperature, light and light transmission of vegetables and seedlings;summer can prevent the evaporation of seedbed from the hot sun, rapid growth ofseedlings and vegetables Burning of young seedlings such as flowers.