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Autumn and winter season is coming, non-woven masks will usher in the industry season

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-12-29
Autumn and winter season is coming,non-woven masks will usher in the industry season

The autumn and winter seasons are the most frequent seasons of hot and cold, and the season that is most prone to colds.Many people used to wear masks at this time to prevent cold air from entering the mouth and prevent colds. In recent years, a class of masks with a higher usage rate is a non-woven mask.

Nonwoven Face Mask Supplier, Disposable Face Mask Factory, Medical Face Mask ManufacturerNonwoven Face Mask Supplier, Disposable Face Mask Factory, Medical Face Mask Manufacturer

In the past, the autumn and winter seasons were the most used time for non-woven masks, and it was also the time when many non-woven fabric manufacturers(Nonwoven Face Mask Supplier) competed for the market. This year, due to the different levels of safety and environmental inspections in various regions, it is inevitable that the situation in the past will be disrupted. Nowadays, which non-woven fabric manufacturer(Disposable Face Mask Factory) can continue to develop steadily will win the final victory.

In the past years, the demand for non-woven masks in the medical, health care, industrial, and agricultural fields isrelatively large. In addition, major super markets will also make large purchases at this time to hoard the entire quarter. The non-woven mask itselfis non-toxic, breathable, and resistant to dust, and the focus is on the costreduction compared to the previous cotton mask. Therefore, the market share of non-woven masks(Medical Face Mask Manufacturer) is now greater than that of cotton masks.