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Application of Viscose Staple Fiber and Polyester Staple Fiber in Non-woven Market

  • Release on:2020-06-17
In recent years, the application proportion of viscose staple fiber and polyester staple fiber in the non-woven fabric(China Polyester Spun-bonding Non-woven Wholesale) industry has increased, but due to performance constraints, their products are mostly used in the spunlace non-woven fabric industry, and a few are used in needle-punched non-woven fabrics. In the textile industry, the proportion of other non-woven fabrics is very small.

Non-woven viscose(PET Spunbond Non-woven Manufacturer) staple fiber-high white viscose staple fiber

In 2019, the current production capacity of China's viscose staple fiber industry is 4.985 million tons, and the apparent consumption is 3.692 million tons, of which about 11% is applied to the non-woven fabric field. In the non-woven field, the whiteness index of viscose fiber is higher. The industry generally refers to the viscose fiber used in the field of industrial textiles as "high white viscose fiber". At present, there are 5 enterprises in the country that have produced high white viscose staple fiber, and the total output of high white viscose staple fiber in 2019 is 420,000 tons.

At present, most domestic manufacturers of high-white viscose staple fiber are tested according to the whiteness test standard of common viscose staple fiber (GB/T 14463-2008). At present, the whiteness of most companies has reached about 90%.

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Polyester staple fiber for non-woven fabrics(Polyester Spun-bonding Nonwoven Supplier) — spunlace polyester staple fiber

In 2019, China's polyester staple fiber (melt direct spinning) industry has an annual production capacity of 7.910 million tons, an actual output of 6.526 million tons, and domestic consumption of about 5.62 million tons, of which 11.15% is applied to the nonwoven fabric field. The application of polyester staple fiber in the nonwoven industry is mainly spunlace non-woven fabrics, while a few areas are used in the needle-punched non-woven fabric industry.

From the specification point of view, the spunlace polyester staple fiber is mainly 1.56dtex*38mm, and the staple fiber for needle punched nonwoven fabric is mostly 2.22dtex*51/65mm. From the point of view of production, the production of spunlace polyester staple fiber is currently concentrated in Jiangsu, and there are a small amount of spunlace staple fiber produced in Zhejiang, Anhui, and Fujian. The total production capacity is around 900,000 tons, and about 30% is exported.