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Analysis of the advantages of medical nonwovens

  • Release on:2020-02-19
There are various types of non-woven fabrics, which can be divided into many types according to different industrialuses. Medical non-woven fabrics are mainly used in the medical field. What advantages does it have?

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1. Compared with other non-woven fabrics,the quality of medical non-woven fabrics(PP SMS Nonwovens Supplier) is more stringent. The production process has online inspections, and all need to go through quality control toensure the total quality of each non-woven fabric.

2. Medical nonwovens(Medical SMS Nonwovens Factory) can be sterilized invarious ways.

3. The use of the meltblown layer structure can effectively play a role in antibacterial, and the antibacterial effect isgood.

Medical non-woven fabric(China SMS Non Woven On Sales) is an environmentally friendly, at the same time clean and hygienic material,antibacterial, high quality, it is commonly used in medicine, and can be usedto make disposable masks.