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A lawn nonwoven that makes the lawn neatly

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A lawn nonwoven that makes the lawn neatly

2017-12-12 11:32:25
Lawn non-woven fabric to make the lawn more neat. Non-woven is not only used to make shopping bags, in order not to let everyone shape its impression, we will introduce here a lawn non-woven one other performance.

When to use a lawn non-woven plantation tape, in some cases of slope or other direct seeding inconvenience, the vegetation is the ideal choice. So what are the benefits of a vegetative zone compared to direct sowing? The distribution of seeds in the vegetative belt is uniform and the sowing precision is high. The vegetative belt keeps the seeds in the same soil depth, thus the germination rate is high, the emergence is homogeneous, the growth is quick, and the ground temperature can be raised. Reduce the evaporation of water, enough into the seed germination; early weeds have a good inhibitory effect. Planting vegetative zone and direct seeding compared to lawn emergence will be earlier. The vegetative zone is planted with the vegetative belt when it is planted on the top of the flat bed, the edge of the overlap overlap 1 to 2 cm. Uniform soil cover in the vegetation, the thickness does not reveal the vegetation zone is appropriate, usually about 1 cm. Cladding after the suppression. Because the vegetation belt is a natural degradation, the formation of nutrients, and does not pollute the environment, is environmentally friendly products.