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2021 Non-woven Fabric Market Quotation & Scale Analysis

  • Release on:2021-03-15
With the continuous emergence of new technologies and the continuous improvement of the functions of non-woven fabrics, the future development of non-woven fabrics comes from fields such as emerging industries and automobiles. At the same time, we will eliminate outdated equipment and old equipment, produce world-class nonwovens with complete functions, differentiation and diversification, enter the depth of production, conduct deep product processing, and form diversified products to meet market needs.

The development status and development prospects of the non-woven industry

With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous increase of residents' income, the demand for the non-woven fabric(Hydrophobic PP Fabric Wholesale) industry has not yet been fully released. For example, the market for sanitary napkins and baby diapers is very extensive, with an annual demand of hundreds of thousands of tons. With the opening of the second child, demand is rising sharply. Medical treatment is gradually developing, and China's population is aging seriously, and non-woven fabrics for medical and health use are also showing a trend of rapid growth. In industry and engineering, the market for hot-rolled fabrics, SMS fabrics(China SS Nonwovens Manufacturer) and airflow mesh fabrics, filter materials, insulating fabrics, geotextiles and medical fabrics is very large and will continue to grow. In addition, in the two fields of disposable sanitary absorbent materials and wipes, the trend of consumption upgrading is very obvious. With the development of economy, people have higher and higher requirements for the function, comfort and convenience of health products. Non-woven fabrics with specific properties are used more and more widely in related fields, and disposable non-woven fabrics(PP Non Woven Fabric On Sales) are sold. The growth rate continues to be higher than the overall growth rate of non-woven fabrics. In the future, in terms of disposable absorbent materials and wiping products, technical upgrades of non-woven fabrics (increased performance, reduction in unit weight, etc.) will still be the general trend.

Hydrophobic PP Fabric Wholesale, China SS Nonwovens Manufacturer, PP Non Woven Fabric On SalesHydrophobic PP Fabric Wholesale, China SS Nonwovens Manufacturer, PP Non Woven Fabric On Sales

In the global market, China's non-woven fabric industry has developed rapidly in the past few years, and its total output ranks first in the world. The emerging fields of nonwoven products, such as medical textiles, flame retardants, protective materials and special composite materials, also show new development trends. Nowadays, China's non-woven fabric industry is undergoing a deep transformation, and there is a certain degree of uncertainty.

The concept of sustainable development has been proposed for more than ten years. The non-woven fabric industry provides the world with a sustainable development direction. It can not only improve people's lives, but also protect the environment. Without this, the Asia-Pacific nonwovens industry, which continues to develop rapidly, may suffer from resource shortages and environmental degradation. For example, many large cities in Asia have already experienced severe air pollution. If the company does not comply with certain industrial environment rules, the result will be bad. The only way to solve this problem is through innovative and pioneering development technologies, such as the integrated application of biotechnology, nanotechnology, material technology and information technology. If consumers and suppliers can form a joint force, companies will use innovation as the driving force to directly affect the non-woven industry, improve human health, control pollution, and reduce pollution.